Covering new ground...

Garden centres, plant nurseries and hardware stores can struggle to achieve significant sales using traditional supermarket trolleys. Derco's design team has spent many years creating a range of trolleys to overcome this problem.

Since 1998, Derco has been manufacturing trolleys for the North American market and in 2010, established a base in the UK to serve the UK and European market.

12 Great Reasons...

  1. 30% larger loading capacity than similar trolleys
  2. Plastic handle can be replaced without affecting the frame of the trolley
  3. Baby seat - ideal for children or small delicate items
  4. Folding upper shelf when more space is required on the lower shelf
  5. Ideal width for narrow isles
  6. Nests with shelf up or down
  7. Short trolley : easy to maneuver
  8. Wheels can be easily removed from the frame
  9. Large long bottom shelf for greater loading capacity
  10. Large rims to retain pots on shelves
  11. Hooks to hold baskets or flower bags
  12. Additional clear lacquer over the zinc plated metal ensures a long lasting look